The Godly Person

TheMostPowerfulTestimonyIsAGodlyLifeIn the Bible, nothing negative is written about Joseph or Daniel. Both were promoted to the king’s court. Both stood alone for what is right. Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den; Joseph was thrown into a pit by jealous brothers and later into prison. Daniel interpreted dreams, Joseph interpreted dreams. Neither changed the interpretations to save himself. They were men of God. They exhibited godly character qualities. They never once backed down or compromised what is right.

In a day when we have a desperate need for godly people in our homes, at work, among friends, and as leaders, it would do us well to determine the characteristics of a godly person. We could look at many passages of Scripture, but for the sake of choosing one, I think Psalm 1 gives us a wonderful characterization of what a godly person looks like, acts like, and thinks like. Let’s take a closer look.

First, the godly person orders his life around godly counsel: “Blessed is the one who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly” (v. 1a). A godly person is not too proud to seek advice or too self-centered to ask. He understands that he can still learn and there is much he doesn’t know. He wants to dip into the well of godly advisement.

Second, the godly person seeks friends with fellow believers: “Nor stands in the path of sinners” (v. 1b). That does not mean he does not have friendships with unsaved people, but I believe his closest friends are believers. No matter how successful, sophisticated, or influential unsaved people are, a godly person longs to have his or her closest friends be persons of godly character who follow after God’s heart.

Third, the godly person gets enjoyment, encouragement, and refreshment from the Word of God: “His delight is in the law of the Lord” (v. 2a). He loves the Bible more than television, hobbies, or any other form of entertainment. He not only delights in the Word of God, but also meditates on it: “And in His law he meditates day and night” (v. 2b). Meditation is gnawing on what was just read. It is different from memorizing. Meditation asks questions. What did this just tell me about God? What did this just tell me about myself? What do I need to change? How does this apply to my work, friends, and home? Meditating on Scripture is absorbing the truth into your very being. It is totally different from a cursory reading.

Fourth, the godly person will successfully stand the storms of life: “He is like a tree planted by streams of water” (v. 3a). His or her roots go down deep. The godly person has a taproot all the way down to Jesus Christ. He is continually being nourished, refreshed, and cleansed by his relationship with Christ. He can stand all the winds of life because he is firmly rooted.

Fifth, the godly person is a fruitful person: “That brings forth its fruit in season” (v. 3b). He is more interested in investing in a life than merely spending his. He is interested not only in how much fruit he spreads, but also in its quality. “And his leaf does not wither” (v. 3c). He sticks with it! He can be counted on. He doesn’t wither under pressure. He is consistent. He is faithful and loves bearing fruit. He plods away at investing his life in the lives of others. He doesn’t live for a paycheck. He understands that winning others to Christ is more important than reaching the top of his profession.

The beginning of being a godly person is receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. That’s the foundation to build on. Homes need him. Churches need him. The world needs him. I hope you know one. I hope you are one.

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    1. It is unfortunate, isn’t it? I’m not sure if you are following this conversation, but we have some good comments.

    2. hey joe,….this is about even’s comment,…hey evan, how goes???? as for changing “other’s” thinking about this????? my two cents worth is,….we get our own house in order. i believe, based on what i have seen and experienced, that we think it will be “easier” perhaps, for “our faith” to grow,….if and when “we” can change “others???”

      in focusing on our faith,…as it grows individually, by our own choice,…out frustrations, which lead to us desiring to be argumentative, can and will be reduced. stating what jesus teaches, is one thing. but,…beating what jesus teaches “into the ground” can be another thing entirely.

      when we desire to “enlighten” others in an argumentative tone,…our light can unfortunately and rapidly,…fade. thus,…we can become very weak,…very quickly.

      any thought???

    3. hey evan,…how are you??? i was wondering if you would mind really expounding on this comment???? in other words,…share more of your thoughts, or actually,…specific thoughts concerning what you have written here……joe’s blog is, basically,…my church,…and all who stop in here are my brothers and sisters,…so,…that said,…i’d like to know more about who you are and what you are thinking,………anyway,….hope to hear from you soon! thanks…….

      1. Hey John – ptl is short for Praise the Lord! 🙂
        My comments were reflected on the greater Church body – the post mentions great points for leadership qualities yet every single person I know in leadership today do not have those points – they are appointed and honoured as leaders because of their education, wealth, obtained position, connections, popularity. Even my own postion as an Executive Director – I obtained the postion because they thought I could raise a lot of money – really couldn’t care less about my relationship with God – in fact, they think I am a used car salesman.
        Does that make sense?

        1. DUDE,….you should SO READ THE BOOK OF HAGGAI!!!!!!! it totally makes me think of what you just said!!!!!! i think that you will dig it!!!!! it’s only like two pages!!!!!,….i’m in the middle of somethin now,…but,…would you mind if i comment asap on what you just shared with us?????

          and thank you evan!!!

    1. I checked out your post, Peter. I especially like what you said at the end: “A godly person is a person who is being conformed to the image Christ and expressing Him in all that he or she does.”

      1. Hi Joe. Today I received a little news paper from a local church here. I found this article very well written. It is hard to define what Godly means and I think this should help some. it did for me anyway.
        A Heart Right With God
        “A heart truly right with God implies that we venerate Him. How little of this is expressed,
        or even felt, on earth! Yet in Heaven, where all hearts are rights, the seraphim’s veil their faces, and all living beings fall prostrate before His throne.
        When, therefore, we are conscious of His presence, when we walk as under His
        inspection, fear His displeasure more than the frowns of the world, and bowing before His Majesty with lowliness of ind, give unto Him the honor due unto His Name, then only are our hearts right with Him.
        A Heart truly right with God implies that we entirely submit ourselves to Him.
        The very word ‘God’ is a name of dominion, and never be it forgotten that He to whom it belongs has a supreme will concerning us. There cannot be a sadder spectacle than a heart wrestling with its Maker’s will; but when we recognize His will as our only rule,
        when we keep this before us as our supreme law, regarding it as the light and guide of our conduct, when we acknowledge His sovereignty in providence take our place in society as He appoints, submit to His dispensations, and, even in the greatest afflictions, even when nature agonizes, meekly bow, like Him in the garden, and say, “Not my will, but thine be done’, then is our heart right with God.
        This is from The Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary” (1 & 11 Kings)

  1. “But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.” 1 Timothy 6:11

    Notice the word flee, not hide or put apart but run away never look back and never try to get it back. Just like Joseph fled when he was seduced by Potiphar’s wife. He did not trust in his own flesh and prefer to run from temptation than to sin against God and defile himself. This should be our attitude towards temptation.

    Another Scripture would be “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.” Psalm 119:9

    As Mr Quatrone explained. Love and meditating on God’s word is key to keep ourselves pure as the light which is shed from the scriptures will destroy any area of our lives which is in the dark.

    1. Great verses and comment, Alton! Paul uses active and forceful verbs to describe the Christian life: “flee, pursue, fight, take hold.” Some people think Christianity is a passive faith that advocates only waiting for God to act. While this is true in some situations, Paul says we must have an active faith, obeying God with courage and doing what we know is right. We are drowning in a sea of impurity. Everywhere we look, we find temptation to lead impure lives. We must put God’s Word in our lives, making it a vital guide for everything we do. Great comment, my friend! 🙂

      1. joe,…here is a great place to reflect somethin else about “gettin things straight” with each other asap…..when a husband and wife “fight/argue” without clearing things up a.s.a.p.,…this is where satan has a field day,…with “one”,..or, the “other”,…or “both.”

        for example,….due to the stress, confusion, anger, unrest, lack of peace in a “left unresolved immediately situation” there are many different “enemy” tactics which can and will be used against us “in these moments/hours/days/weeks (how long is decided by our choice)….long story short,…the “grass can appear to be greener,…”anywhere” other than in our own homes………the “dark” voices offer us “something better” (or the false promise of something better) the longer that we put off “remedying” within our own home, family, direct relationships, etc,……and everyone suffers due to our neglecting the obvious choice. a choice based on the holy spirit operating in and through our conscience,…………….

        “united” we stand,….”divided” we fall,…….WE,…fall……………….the (entire) body of christ is affected by this kind of cancer from our neglect/obedience,……..any thoughts???

      2. in other words,….the strength of the “temptations” that hit us, and (desire to) pull us away (from where we truly need to be)…have been GIVEN MUCH POWER……….

      3. That’s it John, it is of vital importance to realise where quarreling and arguments will head us from an early stage and not let a mole hill turn into a mountain. This is a call for all Chritians to pray for God’s wisdom so that we can immediately identify this trap and act towards finding a solution…..thanks for blessing us with your reflection

    2. hey alton,…i read this earlier, and i have been loosely thinkin about it all evening……i had a comment earlier but i wanted to think and pray (both) about it before posting it here,…,….here i am again……

      this is based very loosely on the old you can lead a horse to water,…but you can’t make it drink, saying……well,….actually,…………it may have nothing to do with horses at all by the time i finish it!!!! lol…..oh well,….anyway…….

      the late eighties was a very “special” time of my life,….special does not mean good, by the way,…at all. what i mean is,…at that time i was seriously wealthy,….and in the music business,…,…if you combine those two just right,….you have a whole lot of drugs to alter your,…well,..your “everything” with……..looking back as i am now,…i think the only drug that i didn’t use and abuse,….was birth control…….(although i probably tried that too???)

      of course, there was cocaine,…the “status” drug,….the very expensive status drug!!!! so,…the key was, just make it big in “the business”,…and you pretty much get the stuff,…for free…….in my case,…it was instant drug addict,…just add fame and success,……so,…there i was,………livin the “high life.” no,…seriously! but then,…one day,…someone said what many someones have said to,…which was,….hey man,…TRY THIS!!!!! i hated to disappoint (disappoint my drug habit i mean)…….back in the day,…they called it “crank”…..the real deal!!!!……..and that was the end of me as i knew me……………skipping ahead eight years,…the music business happily walked away from,…and,…then having survived a not so enjoyable and not so lovely major overdose,……i am now a preacher in oklahoma. funny old life huh????….no horses yet……

      so,..God tempts no man,…correct???? so,…does satan????? hhhmmm….well well well,….this one can be kinda tricky, huh??? you know,….satan has a nifty little bible of his own,… is easy to see why many people dig his commandments too!!!! long story short,….here you go,….his book says,…DO WHAT THOU WILT!………..makes you wonder why he even needed a book in the first place, huh????? so,…there it is,….

      so,…spoken in real oklahoma redneck,…it now says this DO ABSOLUTELY WHATEVER YOU WANT TO………yup, what you want…… seems that was the basis for eve too,…wasn’t it? we are told to “resist the devil,…and he will flee from us, right?????

      then in timothy,…you man of God flee from all this and pursue righteousness, right?????? that’s a lot of “fleeing”, isn’t it? we almost need “flee collars”……,…flee,…in most of our minds,…means to what? run away? or does it??? perhaps, in faith, it actually means,…run to?

      run to where? jesus. we do not necessarily have to change our physical location to run from something. for example,…we are told to go into our closet to pray, correct? we are also told to pray with out ceasing? so,…our christian existence, if we take the “closet” literally,…will be lived in solitude,…surrounded by moth balls…….and those ain’t healthy for us, are they? so,…that said,….we, faith, resist the devil, by and through our closeness with God,…and our obedience to the faith. the armor of God illustrates this perfectly, doesn’t it? the shield of faith, to do what??? resist what? satan’s fiery darts? or flaming arrows, depending which we happen to be reading…,…here is the horse thing,….except in the case,….it’s going to be an extremely fat lady,…eating donuts…….

      if we come across a very unhealthy fat donut eatin lady,…do we say,..hey fat lady,..quit eatin the donuts!!!!! (lord, i hope not!!!) no,…we lovingly offer her a carrot instead,…or an apple,…or something of that nature….but,…whether she eats what is good for her,…or not,….is entirely up to her. you can bring a carrot to a fat lady, but you can’t make her eat.

      so,…9 years after i leave the place where i knew so many people in the drug crowd, and those who i did so many drugs with,…i returned.

      upon seeing,..and or visiting all of my old “friends” 9 times out of 10, i was offered some high quality drugs,…a bunch of drugs!!! all kinds of drugs too!!!!!!!!!!! to which i replied,…no thanks,…i’m gladly done with all of that stuff,…but i appreciate your kindness, and your offer. now,…a blank stare that lasts for more than 15 seconds is a very odd thing to behold. the staring individuals eyes are seriously fixed and dilated (this may have had something to do with the drugs??? lol) and,…their open hanging mouth just almost produces drool,…it’s kinda cool actually. then, suddenly they just sort of snap out of it,…shake their head and say,…you??? you,…of all people???? do,…”not”,….want any dope?????? i smiled and said again,..nope. but thanks,….no matter how much or how persistent they were,….not once did the pull return to try to take me back to those times.

      i was eating carrots now,…not donuts. i was also able to answer any question that they had and or, may have had about God,…or about me being a preacher…….

      now,..if i would have physically “fleed” from the situation,…due to temptation,….then i would not have been able to speak with my old friends (and or, acquaintances) about jesus,………i could though,…have come across as being easily viewed as “better than them”,…or,…”weak in my faith”,…etc,…leaving them alone, with me not even casting the slightest bit of bread upon their waters,……………..

      so,…what’s the trick???? we are told that we are tempted,…when we, DO WHAT WE WILT! actually stated,….when we are drawn (from our closeness with jesus) away with our “own” fleshly “lusts”,……..correct???

      so,…in closing,…the more that we mature in faith,…by learning and doing jesus’ teachings,…then, through and because of God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit,……… faith,….we can withstand anything……jesus did not run from satan in his time of wilderness temptation,…he simply corrected satan’s lies and perversions of the scriptures,…by quoting them accurately ,…because he was strong in them,…as he was living them,….and this he did,…with absolutely no fear. jesus just spoke God’s word to satan calmly. steadfast. solid.

      when we, as christians,…eat the donuts,…instead of the carrots,…then there will not so good consequences,………junk food,……..wherein no strength is found, or gained……another scripture tells us “there are many sickly and weak among you because of sin”………neglecting God and not putting Him first,….is this sin?????

      maybe we really are what we eat,………in one way,…or the other???

      by the way,….you know my old drug friends and acquaintances from back in the day???? 16 years after the time of my return to hell???? one of of the worst of them walked through the doors of a church with me two months ago………..he is now totally clean of any drugs and God is daily, and truly, restoring the wasted years of his life………..

      fleeing????? maybe it is worth really lookin at just a little more deeply than teaching believers to run away???,…………….God is good. my life has been one wild adventure…….and i ain’t dead yet!

      have a good one!!!!! toksoon!!!!!

  2. Hey Mr. Quatrone,

    I believe that a very important attribue of a Godly person is love, for it is love that God, through His Son Jesus, commanded us all to do. “Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’[d] 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’[e] 40 On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”” Matthew 22:37-40

    Furthermore, we must also consider that God is love, and that love is God. If we as God’s people can master love, then we, in effect, can be Godly. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” 1 John 4:7-8

    Lastly, if God is love, and love is God, then 1 Corinthians 13 gives us a clear description of how to love AND the attributes of godliness, simply by doing a little algebra (God = love).

    “Love is patient,(I) love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.(J) 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,(K) it is not easily angered,(L) it keeps no record of wrongs.(M) 6 Love does not delight in evil(N) but rejoices with the truth.(O) 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.(P)” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7


    “GOD is patient,(I) GOD is kind. He does not envy, He does not boast, He is not proud.(J) 5 He does not dishonor others, He is not self-seeking,(K) He is not easily angered,(L) He keeps no record of wrongs.(M) 6 GOD does not delight in evil(N) but rejoices with the truth.(O) 7 GOD always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.(P)” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

    In sum, love is the key to Godliness (after salvation, for without Christ, we cannot find our way to God in the first place).


    1. “Love is the key to godliness.” I couldn’t agree more! Love is paramount in being a godly person. Matthew 22:37-40 are great verses! They are practical and tell us what a godly person will do: “love God and love people.” They summarize the Ten Commandments and all the other Old Testament moral laws. By fulfilling this command to love, we keep all the others.

      1 John 4:7-8 are more great verses! Everyone believes love is important, but love is usually thought of as a feeling. In reality, love is a choice and an action, as 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 shows. I like your equation (God = love). God is the source of our love. Jesus is our example of what it means to love; everything He did in life and death is supremely loving. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to love; He lives in us and makes us more and more like Christ. The godly person displays love for God in his choices and actions. John says, “God is love,” not “Love is God.” Our world with its shallow and selfish view of love has turned these words around and contaminated our understanding of love. The world thinks love is what makes people feel good and that it is alright to sacrifice moral principles and others’ rights in order to obtain such “love.” But that isn’t love; it’s the exact opposite – selfishness. Real love is like God, who is holy and just.

      BTW – just call me Joe.

  3. let’s remember that Nebuchadnezzar was probably one of the most ruthless , heartless kings in history . it was in this pagan land that the Lord raised up Daniel and gave him favor with the king . May God raise up Daniels , Esthers, and Josephs in our day to advise those whom the Lord has appointed to rule in government .

  4. I agree with ediddy, love is a hallmark of a Godly person. Joseph certainly exhibited it. Practically, I believe a Biblical benchmark for someone seeking righteousness is in the words they use. Proverbs is replete with warnings and commands regarding our speech. Everything mentioned above flows from our words. In the same way that God spoke the universe into creation, our words create worlds, too. See Proverbs 10:19,20
    When I feel like I’ve grieved the Holy Spirit in something I’ve done, it almost always comes back to my failure to mind my speech in some way.

    1. Great verses! I love the book of Proverbs because of all the wisdom it provides. James also tells us our words can be damaging. He compares the damage the tongue can do to a raging fire. The uncontrolled tongue can do terrible damage. Satan uses the tongue to divide people and pit them against one another. Hateful words are damaging because they spread destruction quickly, and no one can stop the results once they are spoken. The godly person is not careless in what he says, thinking he can apologize later, because even if he does, the scars often remain. A few words spoken in anger can destroy a relationship that took years to build. Before the godly person speaks, he remembers words are like fire. Even if we may not achieve perfect control of our tongues, we can still learn enough to reduce the damage our words can do.

      1. it’s really cool about the “lesson” or “lessons” we get from our tongues. i DID NOT SAY that these lessons are “always” enjoyable,…as a lesson “usually” points out that we “haven’t” learned a certain something just yet. or, if we have learned it, perhaps,…in a “moment of weakness” we failed to practice what we have learned,…creating the sensation of “one step forward,…two steps back????

        the tongue “can be” our barometer to show us what the “abundance” of our hearts “truly” are. (at least at the time when our tongue has “become” unruly.

        it’s amazing how one “ill” thing said can cast such a pall over the rest of our day.

        thus back to the, if we have something in the way with a brother or sister,…go to them,…so we can get it straightened out,…when we don’t, spiritual sickness and weakness, can be what we experience during this time of lack of “restitution”……..don’t let the sun go down on our wrath???? we see and feel this the most with those who we are closest to. the best example being in a marriage. lack of apology (with a loving attempt at restitution) is what satan will (and has!!!!!!!!) used to destroy so many marriages. in the vows of what “God has joined together,…let NO MAN take apart,….MANY TIMES,….that MAN,….CAN BE US.

        we may rather blame others outside of our lives,…than blame ourselves. when we “GIVE CREDIT,…WHERE CREDIT IS TRULY DUE”,……then,…AND ONLY THEN,…..can and will we see the need for OUR “OWN” REPENTANCE.

        reaping what we sow,….applies in EVERY AREA of our lives,……and,….every one is directly affected by what we sow,…..both good,….and bad.

  5. Thanks for your post, Joe, and for the helpful words of previous comments. Like Joseph and Daniel, we recognize the inability to be a godly person on our own and of our desperate need of the Holy Spirit to transform us from the inside out.

    1. Very true, John! Good intentions do not make us godly. Will-power does not make us godly. We need our lives transformed by the Holy Spirit. An external change does not necessarily mean there was an internal change. But an internal change will always result in an external change.

  6. Reblogged this on Daily Bread Devotions and commented:
    Just wanted to repost this as my devotion this morning. I love that phrase, “the most powerful testimony is a godly life.” While I enjoy hearing of testimonies of murderers, druggies and rapists finding Christ, I’m more inspired by someone such as Daniel and Joseph, who against all odds, stayed faithful to God. Have a read of this post and what Joe expounds on Psalms 1 is brilliant. Everyone should follow his blog…thanks for this today Joe!
    Rob 🙂

  7. Hi Joe, I follow your posts, though it’s been rough keeping up w all of them and their comments as my pc cratered! So I have to use my phone, which is anything but convenient! Unlike most of your followers, I don’t have much knowledge about the written word, but your blog is helping me learn. Seeing where to look in my bible, I can follow along with discussions with the added benefit of reading different views/interpretations, and the results or applications affecting current personal experiences! Sorry about any typos-not easy typing on a tiny phone. Joe, is there some way to access your “Sermon On The Mount” post series? I wasn’t able to read them, and they won’t show up when I go to your site. The recent post on restitution refers to the Sermon, & I hoped to read your series as I’m sure it would give me some basic focal points. I aimed to read it in my Bible last night during the sunset. Every evening, I anticipate the sunset. No interruptions- I stop everything, & usually sit alone outside, quietly reflecting & praying, as I see the beautiful gift God gave us. The Master Artist- God didn’t HAVE to make sunsets beautiful, but he did! Just like snowflakes, no 2 are ever the same. Just as he made all of us uniquely unique. His blessings are all around us, and it seems within us all. Sunsets, harvest moons, the peace in the quiet that comes when the sun bids goodnight and the stars say Hello, never cease to make me think how much God has done for us. Always, I find myself being thankful for all his blessings, and reflect on what I’m learning and also how I can change with application and practice. One thing I DO HAVE (thankfully) is unwaivering belief and faith in God. Tragedies can be viewed in different perspectives if one opens the mind-you know-blessings in disguise I guess. It’s just my humble opinion, w/o the vast knowledge of the Bible, that the hardest times are tests of faith. Jokingly, I say, “I’m like God’s psycho girlfriend-stalker- no matter what happens, He can’t get rid of me!” Silly, I know. God thinks I’m funny, right? Anyway, last night, I was sharing the sunset with someone who comments on your posts (he assures me that I am NOT funny, btw), and initiated a conversation regarding the Restitution post. Night fell upon us & wasn’t able to read my bible. I live in the country, so after sundown, there’s no light outside allowing one to read! My hope is that I can read the Sermon from my Bible in conjunction with your 3-part post with comments. If that’s not possible, no worries though! Thank-you for sharing all you do with so many. You probably have no idea how many people you help every day. You’ve made a difference in this coyntrygirl’s life! Again, thanks so much, Mr Joe. God bless.

    1. I am glad to hear you found my blog helpful, so thank you. I didn’t even realize you were following me. Your blog is set to private. I would like permission to view, please. That way, we can interact better and I can follow you too!

      Referring to yourself as God’s psycho girlfriend is funny. We live in such a relativistic world and it is easy to be led astray. I am glad you have unwavering belief and faith. I once heard it said, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

      You are right on about tragedies! They can be blessings in disguise. Actually, there is so much the Bible says about suffering. Let me know if you want to know more. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

      I received several comments on my Restitution post. Which person is your friend?

      Sermon on the Mount: Part 1

      Sermon on the Mount: Part 2

      You can also go to my home page and click the links on the right side of the page. I hope these are helpful!

      BTW – just call me Joe.

      1. Thanx 4 the links. Btw, I was kidding when i wrote that “my friend assures me that I am not funny.” Sarcasm is part of my sense of humor-my Dad made sure 2 show me how. But, my Mom said, “Make fun of yourself, not others.” It was meant to be a joke on me. Sorry if there was misundwratanding. Was only makin fun of me. Friend thinks I am funny (somwtimes). Kidding! Truly, finds me humorous, and vice versa. Hadnt read your reply, but frend told me that that issue was discussed w u 2day. Informed me that they told u that i was rwferring to them in my post, but I dont want to trespass on another’s privacy; so am not going to divulge that identity. Respect & trust…mutually; or u lose a valued frend, right? Sorry got off-topic, but felt i had 2 set that str8. Thank u 4 posting the links. Sure it will help me wrap my head around it all! Very thoughtful 2 send them And a kind mssg 2 boot! I just joined wordpress recently, basically so I can occasionally comment. I love to write, but so much of it’s deeply personal – true stuff about my life & thots & when received harshly, makes me crawl bak into my turtle shell. Also, my pc is out of commision n i hav no idea when i’ll have any access 2 pc. There’s no way im gona type posts on this diabolical phone! Will letcha know when I can spruce up my page/site. Didnt know its set 2 private. There isnt anything on it 2 c yet tho. Thx so much, Joe.

      2. I’m also sarcastic, so I’m glad to know you are too. I only took your words at face value because I don’t know you. I can’t tell you how many times I tried making a joke in writing, but the other person never got it. Maybe I’m just not funny after all (I was being sarcastic if that went over your head). Anyway, keep in touch my nameless and faceless (perhaps criminal) friend.

      1. Slow reader, and no PC = SLOW. But I hav a method thats efective 4 me. Wen i say “Method,” it’s ben stated, “It’s a Method, but not so much like studying, mmm but more like To Madness.” Wat they say is funy & makes me laff bc its true! All my pens n postits etc look like im an office supply hoarder! Anyway, I say, oh no, u 4got that my method is humorous 2 u, so realy its a method to happiness! U laff i laff we all laff. Its a good thng! But Im in the country, so no lafs bout my color-coded sytem of tabs, postits, hiliters, etc. But i get 2 study outside, which rox. I can look up n c nature, my horses grazing, sky, hear cries of hawks, etc. Helps with pondering on God, Bible, topics, etc wen i am amid His beautiful creations. And its peaceful. Im njoying it & excited, but since im n country, no1 realy 2 share xcitement w/ & am w/o pc.4 aprox 2 wks, so not realy able 2 share online. Its ok tho, cuz praise be to HTC 4 cre8ng this fone! I beleev its a “Smart Fone”, Rite? Mines a Smarter-than-Me-Phone! I feel older than Moses tryn 2 keep up w it & the “apps”. Im a horsewoman, so its ironic bc I raise, train, & show Apps-Appaloosas! Appys I lov, app fone- not so much! Its not rider frendly & whoevr opens the old fone probably says wat is this woman doing w her fones? Well, wen theres a batle btx a fone & a horse, horse gets the blue ribbon. If this company wantd 2 make lotsa peepl hapy, theyd instal n app that would make it vacuum their house 4 them! Id by 1 4 that alone. Id send smoke signals so it wouldnt hav 2 stop washin dishes. No, it lays around day txting & talkin on the fone to its frends. Its online all nite. Its simply lazy. Its a teenager- disguizd as a fone! Enough goofing. Feel free not to post any or all of this cuz its so silly. Wont hurt my feelins!
        Serious part: I’d love to correspond via email in case u mite share past posts that arent accessible on ur site now (so i dont hijak a thread w random coments n ?s that culd b confuzin 4 evry1)!

        BTW, LOVE sarcasm & humor as long as its not mean-spirited. Ur comment bout sarcasm made me think of the line in movie, “Tommy Boy” (u seen it?) “R u catching my sarcasm? Cuz Im layin it on pretty thick.” So much mor 2 say…is there a way 2 send to private emails w/o publicaly sharing my address? I got my old acct hacked wen it was on public view on FB, so I try 2 keep new adres private as poss now. Mite c if theres a way on wordpres 2 share my email adres w only certain people. If any1 knows how, Id be grateful if u culd share that “How To” info. I cant c al the wrdpres featurs from fone like 1 can w a as i could on a pc. Wil chk wrdpres n ny replys 2moro aftr i do chors necessary wen u hav 9 horses!
        Thank-u, Joe, 4 chekn up on my studies. I know u r busy writing a new post each day and reading others, replying to comments, studying and tending to the othr impotant parts of life that must get done so u can write! Your thoughtfulness & concern are not lost on me. Very kind of you. Im jazzed about learning; xcited 2 dig in, especialy now that I hav found teachers who actualy CARE, & not judging or posting to stroke their egos. (Catholic church raised-can u tel? Lotsa people get good sleep in those pews!) I wrote about havin 2 go 2 Catholic church, and the humor I found in doing so, but lost it. No matter, it’s stil easily acvessed in my noggin. The contradictions are many, but some things r just plain funny, unless u say them to a seriously devout Catholic….bad judgement on my part that time. I apologized then said 3 hail marys & i was a good catholic christian girl again. But why do they “punish” a kid for “sins” by “making them pray?” Use praying (now i c its a Good thing), as negative reinforcement 4 confessing sins? How does that make sense? Hope didnt offend any1 w that. I joke about it now, but it confused me as a child.
        My teenager is whining, says it needs “juice” or its “gona die” (a bit melodramatic lately). Ha!
        Hope my silliness @ least caused a smile, but i talk to myself a lot, horses n dogs dont laugh, but I think I am. So if I live alone, and no one is here, then if i ask if im funny, then my anser of “You make me laff more than anyone here, girl!” Technically, isn’t that true? Joe, I only stalk God & Jesus, & so far, they haven’t pressed charges. Hope you can rest easy now that I’ve said I’m not a criminal! Criminal speeding ticket, but didnt try 2 avoid jury duty, so the 4 days of downtown traffic evened things out a little. Oh wow, just remembered that the case was about a preacher who talked his followers into being part of a ponsey scheme. Duped the plaintiff out of all his savings, home, etc. That experience made me fear churches altogether 4 a long time. Wow. That was weird totally 4got bout that ordeal. The jury, judge, n the main players, a lot more went on than should or normally does, but lookin bak, it was a disgusting display of selfishness, when disregarding the weight of their actions on the lives of the people in the lawsuit. Also the way that people tried to slither out of serving civic duty was not very admirable 2 a 20 yr old college girl. Youngest one there & thinking I can’t believe these lame excuses from ADULTS! Dont get me wrong, it sukd, but I do thnk evry1 shuld serve at some point, bc its a real eye-opener re our judicial system.
        Okay. Stoppin. Given your peepers a needed rest! I wont hijak n write another novel, or not comment at all until i get a workin pc bc it takes a LONG time to do this by fone. And frustrating bc i type fast on a regular keyboard!
        Thanks again for all u do, and for all the comments from your readers. Informative, encouraging, thought-provoking, inspiring! To any reading, enjoy your weekend, be safe and God bless!

  8. LOVE this. Joseph and Daniel are my Biblical favorites, but more often than not I remind myself more of David – someone who loved greatly, but fell far – often.

    1. I find it fascinating that even though God knew David would stumble, He still sent Samuel to anoint him as king. And David turned out to be Israel’s most important king too! This is encouraging – God uses fallen people, even you Jane!

      1. I was reading my comment and it almost sounds like I am trying to contradict you. That was not my intention. I apologize if that is how I came across. My comment was only meant to encourage you. I think the Lord is using you in amazing ways. You most certainly have been an encouragement to me, Jane!

    1. Thank you, my brother. Philippians 3:13 is my favorite verse. Paul had a good reason to forget what was behind him and strain toward what was ahead. Just like God gave Paul a second chance, I praise Him for giving me a second chance too!

  9. Joe, thanks for visiting and ‘liking’ my blog posts on Colossians. I sure am being blessed as I study and speak on it.

    Also, just to add a comment to the stream on godly character traits. An acronym that I believe describes 3 key traits is: HOT (see below)
    H – Humble (An attitude of humility)
    O – Obedient (to the Lord)
    T – Teachable (Someone who has a teachable spirit and is not a ‘know it all’)

    1. I just love your acronym! H O T is a wonderful way to describe some of the most primary characteristics of a godly person! Thanks for your input!

  10. Great post! You know I read this and it reminded me of my favorite quote, from Isaiah 43:1 “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” It may not be a round peg in a round hole for what you are asking from us, but a person would have to work pretty hard at not wanting to be the person you described if that quote hits you the right way. Thanks again for your writing, I really appreciate it!

    1. Good verse, Kurt! The Lord has redeemed us and given us His name. When we bear God’s wonderful name, we must never do anything that would bring shame to it.

  11. a godly person????? hhhhhmmmmmm…… know joe, with where i am in life now,…i think about this question,……….not a lot necessarily,….but, mainly,….i think about it in the sense of, do i, each day, and for the most part, all day,….whatever comes my way,…if i allow myself to get (knocked off balance) do i get my focus back to where it should be, and needs to be, as quickly as possible??? what i mean is,…for us to have and be a “good witness”, by concentrating on who God is, and is to be, in our own life,….as a living savior,….and in our drawing near to Him,…then our witness is an automatic result of where we stand each day.

    i have found that in doing this, “drawing closer”,…as an individual who is “working out my own salvation”,….knowing that doing this is for my own good, first and foremost, and this is not said selfishly, by the way,…….then i have no worries what another may think of me.

    many times, brand new baby christians are encouraged (or, pushed???) to go out on an instant soul winning, conversion program,…….this can be a very dangerous hing in their “new” condition,…..instead of encouraging their focus to be on their savior,….they can instead be taught to focus on people,….in a “works” kind of way. the cart can quickly be put “before” the horse,……..and the new believer starves for what is truly needed in their live,…and for their life,…………… first,…works second,……..if our life ever shifts to where it is, works first,….and faith second,……then we can easily be “living our faith” under “our own power”….(doing what “we” choose, instead of what God chooses and wants for us)…………jesus spoke of how the wind blows where it wants to,…such is how the spirit of God moves (within) us,………..there is no set in stone daily 12 step program of (hollow) motions to follow, when we,…through and because of our “faith first” attitude and focus,….simply yield ourselves to God. we are told that “bodily exercise profits little”…..our human body, when self willed does human (fleshly/carnal) works, or, exercises, if you will???
    in learning of and walking close to jesus,…we are exercising “spiritually”,…this is how we “go on” (forward) unto the “perfecting of our faith”…..we, as humans, will never be perfect, as it is, in and of itself, “impossible for us to do.” corruptible flesh,….etc,….

    but, instead, it is through our faith, that we grow. and in growing, we mature. and in maturing, our witness is stronger and more “real” to any and all others by the day……we are solid in what we believe,…….”when we were children,…we spoke as children,…..but,….(action of faith coming up next) LET US “PUT AWAY” OUR CHILDISH WAYS,…….correct??? to put away something, we have to make a choice to do so,…correct???? when we “do not” put away our childish ways,….then i ask,…”what are we then????? or,…what do we “remain?????” we remain as a child, don’t we???

    we read that “whom a father (God) loves,….He corrects us…..correct???? in loving obedience to a faith which is to give us abundant life, if we are, “disobedient” (or perhaps, non-yielding),….then what does the bible tell us????? it says that “God’s “wrath” is poured out upon children of disobedience”,…..doesn’t it???? redneck translation is,…WE GET SPANKED!!!!!!! LOL,….but definitely, NO LOL!!!!!!! there are times,….in which, through and because of our stubbornness,….not only do we and are we missing out on our loving closeness with God,….but we are also in a, well,…a constant state of correction. many times,…this is when we, as humans,…want to blame good old satan for causing our rough days,………when,…in fact,….our rough days may be, “us just reaping what we sow”.

    are we walking by faith???? if so,…we are automatically, “sowing spiritually”,….thus, we will reap spiritually,…………..but,…..the other side of the coin,………..are we walking as a human?,…and “trying to think” (or, allowing our self to be deceived into thinking) that we are living a “christian life” while doing so????

    hhhhhhmmmmmmmm……so,…if we are walking in the flesh,….firstly,……and not walking in faith, “spiritually”,…..would we then be (by our own neglect and willful choice),….in what we do,… how we live,…and lastly, in what we “sow”,……be sowing,… the flesh???????? if we are,….are we not told as a loving truth,….that we will be sowing to the flesh?????

    at which point,….we are susceptible to correction, aren’t we??? what is the Godly and healthy point behind correction??? how about,….simple redneck thought here,….a,….blessed life?

    to be “conformed”, this is part of our maturing process, isn’t it? or,…part od out overall, “salvation?”,…….maturing is necessary,….but to mature,…we must, of our own choosing,…desire to grow,….correct???

    if we are living in pursuing the desires of our flesh,…meaning,…satisfying our human wants,…….i ask ALL,….are WE, as jesus tells (lovingly commands) us,…TAKING UP OUR CROSS EVERY DAY AND IN DOING SO, FOLLOWING HIM??? this is something that every one of us as believers should absolutely give some serious thought and prayer to!!!!!

    i am thinking of myself as i write this…..i truly desire to grow closer to jesus and thus,…walking in the light,…HIS LIGHT,….EACH AND EVERY DAY,…….I KNOW THIS TO BE FACT,…AS DOES JESUS…….i say this in no way at all to make anyone feel guilty!!!!!!! i know how satan works quite well!!!!

    when words such i have just written are read by others,…”if” some of the others do not, and are not, desiring to walk closer to jesus in faith,…..then this is when satan trys to have a field day by telling any and all of us, “believers” that we are, guilty!!!!!,…

    if we give thought to these (untrue) accusations, and let them have place in our minds,….then,…it is going to be too easy for satan to continue on in our minds and tell us,…that we are NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!! so,…because of our faults, our neglect, and our sin,…..that we “should not even think” about “trying” to live a life of lively, healthy, and strong faith,…..because we will only fail!!!!!!,……..

    listen closely,…..this is a lie. LIES ARE THE TOOL THE SATAN LOVES TO USE THE MOST!!!!!!!!……..remember this!!!! and never forget this!!!!! jesus is the what???? THE TRUTH!!!!,…..SO,…AS AN OPPOSITE,…satan is the what???? THE FATHER OF LIES!!!! correct??????????…….do the scriptures say that we shall know the “lies”, and the “lies” shall make us free?????????…….no,…..but if it left up to satan,…then that IS EXACTLY WHAT HE WILL TELL US!!!!!!!!,…..and thus,….we will remain locked in our own personal prison……as a “freed believer?????” why would we do something so stupid as this!!!?????

    jesus himself tells us that “none of us are good enough!!!!!” he took our place in the electric chair!!!!! (upon the cross) he rode the lightning in our place!!!!! IN DOING SO,…WE HAVE BEEN AND ARE,….FOREVER FREE!!!!! WE CAN (now and because of god’s mercy/grace/and forgiveness) NOW COME BOLDLY INTO THE THRONE ROOM AND HAVE COMMUNION WITH GOD!!!!! none of US WHO BELIEVE are guilty!!!!!!!

    we, may have a Godly “conviction” which is not condemning guilt, but, instead, this conviction, motivates us to yield to a loving God,…and in doing so,….we get to experience the good gifts that are waiting for us all!!!!!!

    GOD SAYS THE HE IS THE “REWARDER” OF THOSE OF US WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM!!!!!” have you ever read that???? i say this in love,….then,…YOU NEED TO!!!!!!! we all need to!!!! and then do what we read!!!!

    jesus is and was our scapegoat! (google this!!!!) our sins were placed upon Him,…BY HIS OWN DESIGN!!!!! and they were forever removed from us!!!!!! HE IS THE PERFECT LAMB,….GOD’S SELF PROVIDED PERFECT SACRIFICE!

    {do you remember the ram from the story where abraham was told to sacrifice isaac, his son???? (i didn’t google this, so joe,….are these the correct people in the story???? thanks!!!) where was the ram discovered?????? what was on jesus’ head when he was crucified????? God already had a way out, but abraham had to have faith,….didn’t he????? fact is,…i am absolutely glad that i was not in the situation the abraham was!!!!!! we,….as beliver’s in jesus,….have it so easy!!!!!!}


    satan is the “accuser of all christians” but jesus steps us as the one who freed us FOREVER from the guilt which we once lived under, (due to, and because of, the rules of the law)….and reminds satan that “who the son has freed,..then we are free in deed!!!!! so,…as believers,….”IF GOD IS FOR US (AND HE IS!!!!!!) THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST US????” well,… the word devil means THE ONE WHO OPPOSES GOD,…SO??????? WHO IS AGAINST US?????……………yup satan,…….so what???? again,…satan is a liar!!!!!,……if you have truly received/believed on and in jesus, as your savior,….his holy spirit dwells with in you!!! GREATER IS HE,…WHO IS “IN” US,….THAN,…HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD?????????……..who is in us??? yup, jesus. who is in the world???,…yup, satan…………

    IF WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS WHO STRENGTHENS US,…..(WHICH WE CAN),……then wouldn’t that mean that we can walk daily in faith with Him,…and follow him thankfully and lovingly,…..taking up our cross,….and maturing,….and in doing so,……no longer live under constant correction????? well,…..i believe that is exactly what we can do,….but,….yet again,…only in and through faith!!!!……….

    okay joe,….i didn’t see this as being a 27 page comment,…..if i am in the wrong here, i want to apologize to you and the others,……i’ll copy this and continue writing it for my next post,……,…if you need to,…or want to delete,……no sweat!!!!! ok??????? again,…sorry if i have not practiced wisdom, and restraint,……ok??????

    so,….do we ever wonder why God does not seem to be very real in our life???? why we can’t “hear” Him???? or, we can’t “see” Him????? there may be a reason why we can’t???????? we are told to “SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN AND “HIS” RIGHTEOUSNESS (AND ONLY THEN) AND EVERYTHING WHICH WE NEED TO LIVE AN ABUNDANTLY (FREE AND POWERFUL) LIFE WILL BE GIVEN TO US!!!!” (redneck translation and modification) (google matthew six)

    and, also in matthew 6, we are also “told to do” (faith is an action verb,…do we act upon our faith???) this,…… every day!!!!!!…… i ask myself,….do i do this every day???? yes i do. have i always? no.

    now, someone ask me “this” question,….”hey john e doe, just how was your life when you weren’t (WERE NOT!) placing God where He is supposed to be and where you truly needed Him to be???????!!!!!

    MAN!!!! THANKS FOR ASKING!!!! THAT RIGHT THERE IS A GREAT QUESTION!!!!,……MY ANSWER IS THIS,……..MY LIFE SUCKED!!!!!!!!!………..or,…i’ll say it this way,… life sucked!!!!!! yup,…that about covers it!!!!!!

    and yield to God, and follow jesus to do so…this could be referred to as “spiritual common sense”,…couldn’t it??????

    so,….faith????,….hhhmmm,…maybe there is just a tad more to it????
    God’s spirit,…through our spiritual life,….is what is conforming us, to the image of his son,………….
    not because we do good deeds.
    not because we dress like a christian.
    not because we talk like a christian. not because we go to church.
    not because we carry a bible on our dash.
    not because we wear a cross around our neck.
    not because we bow our head when someone says lets pray.
    not because we memorize scripture.
    not because we put money in a plate.
    not because we,……..?????????
    wow,….that was kinda tiring!!!! (see how our “works” can wear us out,…and accomplish absolutely nothing at the same time???)

    faith is because of nothing that we can or will do,… is a gift,…..a free gift,….from jesus to us,……have you accepted this gift?????? if not,… are things going for you?

    it’s as simple as believe and receive,…….done deal………as they say in the baptist church i went to as a kid,……..ask him into your heart right now. His love waits. His forgiveness and acceptance waits. for all of us. no matter who you are. no matter what you have done. whether good,…or bad……..we are told that “jesus stands at our door and knocks”,…i believe this,….many years ago,…..i opened my door and let him in,………and now, many years later…..because of his mercy,…and his loving patience,…..i am following him, again………..with all of my, and in spite of my imperfections,……….it’s true ya know???? and this is a fact. a fact,…of faith,…..HE HAS NEVER LEFT ME…..NOR HAS HE FORSAKEN ME,…………remember,….satan is a liar………

    in faith,….the closer that we come to him,…then the closer he is to us,…walking in faith,…. (“not” by following our own works),….then the more sensitive we are to the leading of His spirit,….in this manner,….our life of faith, is, and has (now) become,….a “spiritual” life of surprises,…while we exist in a very real,…and very “carnal” world………………trust me if you wan to,….but i’ll tell you this,…from what i have experienced in my life,….GOD IS NOT BORING,……….dive in,….FAITH FIRST!!!!

    i am thankful,….truly thankful,………… journey continues,…………….john e doe

  12. What a life we as christian are called to live! it may sound extreme or too radical to be totally sold out for Jesus, yet in the early church, holiness and godliness was normal christian life to those who truly understood the call of a Christian.

  13. Thanx for stopping by my ‘tipsome”blog and “liking it” I write that one just for fun:) I really enjoyed this article! You have clearly defined what a godly person should be. I like the scripture you used as well because it defines the godly person good detail. This is certainly good teaching that I would recommend to anyone who wants to grow in their life as a believer.

  14. Genesis 47:13 forward; “…and as for the people, he [Joseph] made slaves of them from one end of Egypt to the other.”–47:21, Revised Standard Version; I call that a negative comment about Joseph.

    1. What about this do you feel is negative? I think this passage refers to the wisdom of Joseph’s rule. Joseph proved to be a wise administrator in the land of Egypt, so that under his authority the people were saved from starvation and Pharaoh prospered. In fact, in the land of Goshen the Israelites prospered and multiplied greatly. God blessed His people according to the promises He made to Abraham. They were fast becoming a great nation. Moreover, God blessed Pharaoh because he had blessed the seed of Abraham with the best of Egypt. I see this as a good thing. Am I missing something?

        1. As I understand it, slavery as an institution of society flourished in Egypt. Before the time of Joseph, the Egyptians enslaved Hebrews (God’s chosen people). “The Egyptians… worked them ruthlessly. They made their lives bitter… with all kinds of work in the fields.” (Ex 1:12–13). So slavery existed before Joseph’s day and it was the Egyptians who had enslaved God’s people. Have you ever read the story about Moses and the exodus from Egypt?

          Joseph began life in Egypt as a slave (Gn 39:1). Joseph’s entire life and career were indeed remarkable. As the Bible repeats again and again, the Lord was with Joseph and blessed what he did. God’s blessing was, in fact, so obvious that Joseph’s Egyptian masters were able to recognize it (Gn 39:3). We find in Genesis 39:4 that Potiphar, Joseph’s first Egyptian master, promoted Joseph from being merely a household servant to become his steward, the one over his household.

          From a practical point of view, there is one primary reason why it is important for the modern student of the Bible to realize all this about Joseph: when we see that Joseph was an Egyptian steward, we see him getting the kind of on-the-job training he would need for the ultimate task God had for him, the task of preserving the people of Israel during the coming time of great famine.

          As a slave himself, Joseph was faithful over a small job, so God gave him a more important one (Lk 16:10) – the head of agriculture for the entire land of Egypt. As the famine continued, the Egyptians eventually ran out of money. They begged Joseph for food and he gave them bread in exchange for their animals. After a year, their animals were gone and Joseph made a new deal with the people. He gave them seed to plant on their farms and in exchange they gave Pharaoh one-fifth of their crops; others “voluntarily” sold themselves as slaves in order to purchase food. Joseph did not force anyone into slavery.

          Joseph lived 110 years. When the Jews eventually left Egypt, Moses carried out Joseph’s bones. Joseph was buried in Shechem, on a piece of land that Jacob (his father) had previously bought. Joseph’s two sons both became tribes in Israel and the northern Israelite kingdom is many times referred to as the “House of Joseph.”

          In Joseph’s day, it was the Israelites who were God’s chosen people, not the Egyptians. I am happy to talk about this with you. Have you read the entire book of Exodus?

          1. I have read the entire Slavonic Canon of Scripture (all 78 books of the Orthodox Bible) with a fine-tooth comb. So yes, I have read the Torah, not to mention all four Books of the Maccabees and everything labeled Esdras by one tradition or another. Yes, I know that the Egyptian dynasties enslaved peoples, but the text indicates that one man enslaved the Egyptian people. Slavery is a topic that goes deeply with me. I am aware of variations on it from antiquity to today, and I object strongly to all of them. I also know that Paul seemed never to find a reason to condemn Roman slavery; I fault him for that. I suppose that, if one thinks that Jesus might return next week or month, or year, that creating social justice is a low priority. But that week or month or year has turned into nearly two millennia, so I feel free to condemn such injustices. And starve as a free person or live as a slave does not seem like much a choice to me.

            1. Then you are quite educated, my friend. I understand where you are coming from. Do you believe what happened was a part of God’s plan? You seem to be suggesting there was a better alternative to what Joseph did.

            2. There is always a better alternative to slavery.

              This issue strikes home with me, for I am descended from at least one Georgia slaveholder. I sympathize with his slaves, not him. Egyptian slavery was not racial chattel slavery, of course. And neither was slavery in the Hellenistic cultures. And neither is modern slavery (often sexual in nature), a center of which is Atlanta, about 75 miles southeast of my home. But I keep returning to the principle that slavery is bad in all forms at all times at all places.

              The authors of Genesis (and other books) wanted to make certain people look good; I understand that. But these authors were also honest; they wrote of Solomon using forced labor to build the First Temple and of David committing murder, for example. Patriarchs did not always come out smelling like roses either. And the Hasmoneans, in the words of a student of mine years ago, killed people over ham sandwiches. But we are meant to sympathize with Judas Maccabeus and his brothers. The way I deal with all this (and more) is to follow advice from Dr. Donald Armentrout, a Lutheran minister: Place precedence on the four Gospels; read the rest of the Bible through the “Gospel glasses.” This makes sense to me, for I am a Christian, literally a “partisan of Christ.” And I do not imagine him killing anyone over a ham sandwich or condoning forced labor.

            3. I agree! I too place a high premium on the Gospels. I cannot imagine Jesus desiring to enslave anyone.

  15. There is always a better alternative to slavery……….hey neatnik,……do you think this sounds too juveniile,……speaking for myself,…….as a human, due to my nature,…i’m a slave to sin,…jesus came to set the “captives” (maybe “slaves” means the same thing?) free,…………jesus freed us all as slaves, from slavery,……………….too juvenile???

    as i asked,….i would like hearin more,………my wheels are turnin about what you shared here,…and i will continue to let them turn,………….thanks nik,……..we appreciate ya,……..

  16. Spiritual slavery is an apt metaphor, but I am not concerned with metaphors at the moment. And, per the “too juvenile” matter, I refer to the great theologian Karl Barth, who quoted “Jesus Loves Me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so” as a great truth. That children’s hymn was not “too juvenile” for him.

    No, my thoughts turn toward physical slavery, which, I propose, is always wrong. It violates the biblical Law of Love and the Golden Rule–but not the Law of Moses. Antebellum Southern defenders of chattel slavery noted that Paul and the Law of Moses did not condemn slavery and tried to reconcile it with the Law of Love and the Golden Rule; they failed in their reconciliation attempt. The best book which covers that ground is “In His Image, But….Racism in Southern Religion, 1780-1910,” by H. Shelton Smith.

    1. hey nik,…by “too juvenile”, i meant my question,….not your statement, ok??? i hope that you didn’t misunderstand,…..i dig the info and a chance to see inside your head and heart very much!!!! thanks nik,…………

  17. No, your question is not juvenile. If one accepts (as I do) that Jesus came as a spiritual liberator, one should extrapolate that principle to mean that we who follow him (or least claim to follow him) should liberate others literally. Hence we see the Civil Rights Movement, for example, from the recent past. And the liberation of the captives, as mentioned in the Gospels, seems literal, not merely spiritual, to me. So Christianity, in its purest form, is a wonderfully subversive force, one which undermines social structures dependent on exploitation and inequality.

    1. hey nik,…my education is only sophomore in high school,…..i dig the way that your education shows when you write!!!! it’ll just take me a while to really let sink in what you just said,……i dig your passion,…..gotta ge tto sleep now. long day tomorrow…………thank you for your additional words….toksoon,……

      1. Thank you! And take care tomorrow! By the way, I read reference books for fun as a child; I have always been educated. And, regardless of the topic I am pondering, I see subtleties constantly. Theology, for example, is properly a nuanced matter. It has been the pursuit of truly great minds, from St. Augustine of Hippo to St. Thomas Aquinas to the Niebuhr brothers (Reinhold and H. Richard). Sorting through theology is one of my favorite things to do. Of course, the best theology is lived, not theoretical; doctrines do have consequences. My most basic doctrine–the basis of my ethics–is the Image of God. Each of us bears the Image of God. So we ought to think of others and of ourselves accordingly, respect each other accordingly, and act toward each other accordingly. This ethic cuts through prejudices like a knife through warm butter.

          1. That was the thesis of a lengthy paper I wrote criticizing the old Southern Presbyterian doctrine which labeled theology as worthy of the church’s attention but slavery and racial discrimination as civil matters, not moral issues, and therefore not worthy of the church’s attention.

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